Thursday, 7 February 2013

Seth Godin on Sacred Cows

I've been following Seth Godin's blog for a while now - he regularly posts all kinds of interesting items and thoughts, but I really wanted to share this one because it's so key to thinking both strategically and creatively. It's from his post Paracosms, loyalty and reality in the pursuit of creative problem solving:
If one of the core principles of your business needs to be abandoned in order to act out the paracosm, it feels disloyal to even utter it. Sort of like asking your spouse if he's going to remarry after you die... And yet. The most effective, powerful way to envision the future is to envision it, all of it, including a future that doesn't include your sacred cows. Only then can you try it on for size, imagine what the forces at work might be and then work to either prevent (or even better, improve on) that future and your role in it. It's not disloyal to imagine a future that doesn't include your founding precepts. It's disloyal not to.
Too often people lose sight of their vision and get caught up on the way they have been doing things. Yesterday's strategy, rather than tomorrow's. We end up trying to amend and evolve rather than returning to the twin questions of "What are we trying to do?" and "What is the best way to do it".

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