Monday, 6 June 2011

Advice for Print Shops

Last week we went to get some order of services for a family funeral. I tend to avoid such print shops as much as possible, but for some things needs must and there's a high street print shop that I tend to use on such occasions.

Whilst the service is friendly and helpful, I was amazed to find that the shop, which contains numerous large, expensive and specialist machines only has the one computer,and that's a Mac.

Now I appreciate that the majority of professional designers seem to have a preference for Macs and the Photoshop suite. Nevertheless, many such designers have access either to their own in-house printers or regular contact with an industrial printer.

On the other hand there are the rest of us. We're not going to win design prizes, we just want something to look smart. We don't have the Adobe suite, and we use PCs. Whilst the printer had word for Macs, the formatting change meant this didn't work. Fortunately I had a writer from word to pdf which just about worked.

Had I not they wouldn't have got our business, and they must lose business from others because of this. Not to mention that they'll get less return business from those who remember the difficulty and decide to avoid the hassle.

Given the relatively high capital investment such a print shop requires, it would be worth them spending £300 on a netbook and £60 on the latest office suite. Compatibility and convenience for a far wider range of customers, particularly ordinary customers rather than just trained designers.

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